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- What kind of planning do I need to do for my video?
Our Producer will conduct a pre-production session for you over the phone prior to the taping to find out what you want to focus on in your Legacy video

- I am not sure what to talk about.
A professional interviewer will be asking questions during your taping session.  He or she will guide you during the session to help you relax, feel comfortable and bring out your story in your own words.

- How long will it take?
Most taping sessions are around 2 hours - this can vary with your story.  Our video team will arrive at least one hour prior to the interview to set up.  The entire time with our crew should be around 4 hours.

- Am I the only one interviewed?  What about my spouse, children, etc?
That is entirely up to you.  We can interview up to 3 people but they must be in the same location at the same time the day of taping.  We can add further taping sessions for an additional charge.

- Can I show my pictures or other keepsakes in the video?
Yes, we encourage the use of pictures in the documentary - only they must be readily available the day of taping.

- How long will the final product be in length?
This all depends on your story but generally most personal documentaries are around one hour in length.

- How do I share it with my family?
A downloadable link will provided for one month for your friends and family to download your Legacy video.  Also, small hard drives, DVD or Blu-Ray discs copies are available.

- What if I want to make changes?
A downloadable link will be provided to you to preview your Legacy video.  If you have any changes, we can can make them after a preview.

- What do I wear?
During your pre-production phone session your producer will explain what to wear and do's and don't for the day of the shoot.  A document explaining these suggestions will be provided before taping.

- Where should we tape the interview session?
During the pre-production phone session your producer will discuss the options with you.  Our crew may arrive early on the day of the interview to determine the best spot.

- How do I pay for my Legacy Video?
You may pay by credit card or check.  A small deposit may be required before the interview.  The balance will be due when the final link and/or copies are delivered.

- How long does the entire process take?
It varies by documentary - but generally it takes one month to complete the Legacy video after the interview is taped.

More Questions?  
Contact David Ivy, Arbor Productions at 1-800-632-7267 or
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